We work to ensure safe and conve­ni­ent travel and boost rail trans­port in Europe.

We use state-of-the-art test methods and apply our exten­sive experi­ence to make rail trans­port safe, relia­ble and profi­ta­ble. Thanks to our services, our clients save time and money in maintai­ning the long-term relia­bi­lity and perfor­mance of their rail networks.


Non-destruc­tive ultra­so­nic, eddy current and magne­tic particle testing

Inspec­tion and produc­tion of conti­nuous welded rails and switches

Rail construc­tion super­vi­sion in conjunc­tion with welding works

Quality control of track treatments

Visual inspec­tion

Our employees are trained and, above all, highly experi­en­ced in visual inspec­tions. Expert visual inspec­tions ensure that mecha­ni­cal damage (caused by rolling contact, for example), manufac­tu­ring defects and assem­bly-related workman­ship defects are clearly identi­fied and thoroughly asses­sed. Even when other testing methods are also deployed – a visual inspec­tion always comes first.